Who we are

Conceptual Learning Partners (CLP) was founded by educators who are passionate about concept-based curriculum and instruction, and who understand on a very practical level the kind of support teachers need inside the classroom to achieve a student-centred, inquiry-driven and conceptually-based classroom. If you are a teacher looking for someone to collaborate and consult with, or a mentor to offer you support in terms of unit and lesson planning… or if you are a school looking to shift teaching approaches to a concept-based approach, we are the team for you!


Whether you are a school leader looking for someone to facilitate a workshop or an individual teacher in need of a thought partner to collaborate with, we offer a range of services to support your professional development.

Workshops & PD

We are certified to deliver Dr Lynn Erickson’s and Dr Lois Lanning’s signature workshop, Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction for the Thinking Classroom. We can also tailor a workshop to suit your specific needs, in a virtual or in-person setting. Our collective areas of expertise include language arts, natural sciences, and interdisciplinary units of inquiry. We are also well versed in assessment and the design of assessments of understanding.

Consultation & Coaching

We offer consultation and coaching for individuals or groups of teachers — from the big picture of unit planning right down to the finer details of designing concept-based lessons and assessments. We can offer one-off sessions or collaborate over a longer period of time (throughout the course of a unit, a term or a school year).

CBCI Clinics

Our CBCI clinics are a more targeted approach to particular elements of concept-based units and lessons. These focused virtual sessions are designed to help teachers address a specific need (e.g., defining a conceptual lens, crafting generalisations or refining inquiry questions) and provide opportunities for personalised feedback and support.

About Us

We are CLP, supporting you in your CBCI journey.

We equip teachers with the needed skills and know-how to become 21st century educators.