Developing empowered, conceptually-driven teachers and learners

Our Mission

CLP partners with individual teachers, departments or whole schools to coach, consult and collaborate on the production of a cohesive concept-based curriculum. Through group workshops and one to one sessions, CLP offers a unique service accessible to educators at all stages of their career.

Our History

The CLP team grew out of our shared love of learning — and our passion for igniting in teachers the same level of energy and enthusiasm for concept-based teaching that we found as fellow participants in the Erickson and Lanning Concept-Based Curriculum and Instruction Trainer Certification Institute.

Angela Johnson (B.A., M.A., M.Ed.) brings two decades of classroom and leadership experience — in both US and international contexts — to the CLP team. Most of Angela’s curriculum expertise is within the IB framework, having served as MYP Projects Coordinator, Head of English, and currently MYP Coordinator at an IB World School in London. Angela has co-authored several textbooks to support students and teachers in the MYP and DP and has held a variety of examining and authoring roles within the IB Educator Network. Certifying as an independent CBCI trainer and presenter has allowed her to re-frame her teaching philosophy and amplify her own classroom practices to really activate student thinking and engagement. Angela hosts her own website and blog, Conceptually Driven, where she reflects on her continuing development as a concept-based teacher. She is passionate about sharing strategies and resources that can be used to honor the intellect of teachers and learners alike.

Riyam Kafri Abulaban (Ph.D.) brings over two decades of cross-cutting experience in the educational field. She taught in both university and K-12 institutions. She served as an educational leader/principal of a prominent Palestinian Quaker school, Ramallah Friends School, an IB World School. During her time there she focused on teacher training and the realisation of a concept-based inquiry curriculum and practice. Her passion is in helping teachers understand concept-based curriculum so that they may deepen their student engagement and depart from the traditional classroom in a more relevant twenty-first century practice. Currently Riyam is the educational lead/consultant at AlNayzak Organization, a prominent Palestinian organization in the field of education, innovation, entrepreneurship and scientific research. Becoming a CBCI trainer has helped her develop a more global understanding of concept-based curricula and instruction across various programs both in formal and informal educational settings. Riyam is a guest blogger on Angela’s Conceptually Driven blog. She is hoping that she can partner with teachers in order to assist their conceptual learning journey.